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Tiara Talent Solution Awards

Reed Talent Solutions has been selected as a finalist for The Best Use of Technology prize at the TIARA Talent Solution Awards.

Future of leadership

COVID-19 has tested business leaders in ways that would have been unimaginable just six months ago. These unique challenges have needed innovative solutions for navigating through the pandemic, we explore a few key learns for senior leadership.

Recruitment technology

The coronavirus lockdown has caused substantial changes to the way we work. The economy has been impacted at an unprecedented level, and the lockdown is being eased to help it recover. We explore ways businesses can help kick start the economy.

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As the government eases lockdown, more businesses are conducting risk assessments and implementing additional safety measures to prepare for reopening. However, organisations must consider their employees’ mental wellbeing - which is as vital as physical health.

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Businesses in all sectors have been impacted by the coronavirus lockdown, with most of the UK workforce working remotely. Now, as the lockdown starts to ease, it’s time to think about returning to the offices we’ve been away from for months.

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Reed Talent Solutions has supplied thousands of professionals for Imperial College NHS Trust over the past 11 years. With the COVID-19 outbreak, this relationship became even stronger, as we stepped up to help with the significant increase in demand for NHS workers.

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COVID-19 has flipped the labour market and university leavers are facing the toughest economic landscape since the banking crisis of 2007 - it's more important now than ever to nurture newly graduated talent.

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With government lockdown slowly lifting, businesses need to ensure they are preparing for welcoming the workforce back into the workplace as safely as possible.

From furlough to firm

Every business’s number one priority at present is to ensure its survival. However, amid the myriad of challenges presented by COVID-19, here is another one: what is the cost of survival on a company’s reputation?

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of the ‘London COVID-19 Digital Staff Bank’, where 14 London NHS hospitals have begun to use a centralised online staffing platform to fill urgent clinical vacancies on the COVID-19 frontline.

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Until the pandemic, social care was often seen as the ‘poor relation’ to other public services, it certainly didn’t get the recognition it deserves - but are things set to change post-lockdown?

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With the impact of COVID-19 set to affect both employers and employees for some time to come, we identify the top soft skills to nurture not only in your workforces, but in yourself also.

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