A unique solution to managing senior contingent appointments

Managing 1,400 partner and associate level contingent workers

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The Challenge

Our client, one of the leading, big four global accounting and consultancy organisations, moved their contingent hiring back in-house.

By insourcing their recruitment of contractors, they hoped to improve their costs and efficiencies at a time when the volume of hires was increasing.

The client built an internal team to take care of this recruitment, but did not want to do the needed hands-on support for onboarding and compliance of these senior partner and associate level contingent workers.

This gave them time to invest in the change management project, so they could focus on building the right internal recruitment team for long-term success.

Thus, the screening, support and management of successful workers, their contracts and the payroll needed to be taken on externally.

The client also wanted hands-on assistance with any challenges within the workforce to mitigate risk for the consultancy and ensure workers were vetted, compliant and ready to be deployed quickly onto key projects.

The Solution

Reed Talent Solutions’ Resourcing Director Jo Margison said the answer to this challenge was “a very unique service offering”.

“It’s certainly quite different from any other model I’ve ever worked with,” she said.

“What made the big difference for us was we could offer them the full package.”

The new system means the client controls the recruitment process, but as soon as someone is offered a job a notification is sent to Reed Talent Solutions, and the team spring into action.

Our solution provides control and assurance through:

  • Creating a contractor journey from initial engagement with the internal recruitment team, to our workforce management solution before handing back to the internal team to arrange start dates
  • Creating a process for engaging the workforce throughout onboarding, screening, vetting and compliance
  • Providing hands-on support for the workforce, and a great candidate experience
  • Building bespoke contract templates for contracts and workforce engagements
  • Delivering four levels of screening dependent on the contractors work requirements.
  • Creating a pre-vetted pool of talent that are ready to deploy immediately
  • Continuing to deliver quicker than agreed SLA’s, so that we exceed expectations with senior partners

Throughout the process, an account management team keeps the client constantly in the loop with any updates.

The Results

Reed Talent Solutions built a bespoke customer journey for the contractors and migrated more than 850 workers to that service.

All the workers were successfully set-up and the service is being continually improved, with 15 to 20 new starters being onboarded each week.

This has helped provide a fantastic candidate experience to the 1,400 contractors now being supported.

One of the biggest challenges during the pandemic has been running compliance checks digitally.

Reed has successfully lobbied with the Government to make ID checks virtual, which has provided a better experience for candidates and the global consultancy.

Reed Talent Solutions' successful work with the government has ensured we can introduce:

  • Remote ID checking and free DBS checks for emergency workers
  • Reduced referencing requirements
  • Efficient compliance requirements for bookings

Jo said Reed Screening’s capacity as a 24/7, 365-day operation has given the client the fast turnaround times they had craved.

Reed Talent Solutions is onboarding 300 contractors per month, with a screening time of just over eight days.

In terms of payroll, RTS is currently paying 1,200 to 1,400 contractors per week, with an expectation that this number will rise to 3,000 by year three.

On top of this, despite the whole solution being set-up in 2021 at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, Jo said the partnership between Reed Talent Solutions and the client has become “very close”.

“I feel I know them really well,” she said.

“We work together to continuously improve the service. We are very excited about the long-term partnership we are going to have and the fact this is such a unique model.”

Onboarding300people a month
Screening in8days
Flexible Resource Marketplace
Financial services and accountancy
  • Screening, onboarding and dealing with payroll for candidates as part of a unique contingency hiring solution
  • In charge of payroll for 1,200 to 1,400 contractors per week, with an expectation this number will rise to 3,000
  • Onboarding 300 contractors per month
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