Creating a total talent solution you can bank on 

Working with a major retail banking client to outsource their recruitment 

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The Challenge

One of the biggest retail banks in Europe, with corporate and investment banking arms based in London, went to market in 2019.

Having previously only outsourced their interns, they decided to outsource all their recruitment procure contingent, permanent, and outcome-based solutions through a single provider.

“You can really successfully outsource recruitment, have a really good relationship and an embedded service”. 

Jo Margison is talking about how Reed Talent Solutions has created a total talent solution, using Flexible Resource Marketplace, for the client.

Resourcing Director Jo, who was specifically recruited to lead the project, said a combination of “honesty and integrity,” and “a lot of cost savings for the company” are the pillars on which Reed Talent Solutions’ success has been built.

The Solution

Reed Talent Solutions has recruited high earning individuals in senior roles in areas such as structured finance, leverage finance, audit, risk, compliance, the global markets division and IT.

The project includes spearheading of internal mobility, not just in the UK but internationally – including the entire screening function and interviews.

The client also uses Reed Talent Solutions’ Consultancy+ services, which specialise in delivering outcome-based projects and solutions.

Due to the clients’ international nature, Reed Talent Solutions also manages the full Visa process where necessary, working alongside the client’s immigration lawyers and the UK Home Office.

Talking about the wide range of services offered to the client, Jo said: “We’ve hired people to come in and do training courses on interviewing for the HR community. As well as these sectors, Jo’s team has also taking charge of the onboarding of contractors.

“We are their HR department as well. Once the business has interviewed their shortlist, they come to us with one or two candidates that have reached the final interview stage and my team conducts the final HR interview, just to make sure they have the soft skills required to do the role.”

The Results

Since taking on the contract in July 2019, Reed Talent Solutions has successfully recruited 257 people. 

98.7% of appointments have been made within the service level agreement times of 30 days for permanent and graduate appointments, and 14 days for contractors.

Jo said part of the success of the project has been the “honesty and integrity” on both sides.

“We weren’t afraid to share what we felt we could do well for them, as well as what things weren’t our sweet spot,” she said. 

“We are very much seen as partners, as opposed to just a supplier.”

Jo said the close relationship with the client was enhanced by being able to work onsite for the first nine months of the contract.

This was only brought to an end by the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Jo said despite the obvious restrictions that come with Covid, Reed Talent Solutions remains “very much” part of the team.

“We join in all their team meetings,” she added. “We are classed as the resourcing team rather than Reed Talent Solutions.”

Met98.7%SLA targets
Flexible Resource Marketplace
Retail Banking
  • Overseeing permanent, temporary, graduate and contractor recruitment including internal mobility
  • Taking on HR functions, including screening and conducting interviews
  • Since July 2019, 257 people have been recruited
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