Delivering assessment centres for an online banking disrupter

Providing a fast-responding, scalable assessment centre service that helped an online banking leader adapt during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Challenge

Scaling our service to suit their fluctuating hiring demands
  • The client needed a rapidly increasing number of assessors
  • Hiring managers were taken out of their roles 1-2 days per week
  • Conflicting objectives: managing their teams and hiring new talent

Like many businesses, this banking disrupter used hiring managers or colleagues with the authority to recruit to assess potential new employees. Peak hiring presented a challenge where these managers are taken away from their ‘day job’, leaving the business facing a decision on where best to use their resources.

As the company is experiencing exponential growth, they wanted to use external assessors to ease the pressure on its hiring managers and increase the accuracy of their assessment centre. Due to its extremely high and fluctuating hiring demands, a scalable and flexible recruitment process was required.

In addition, with remote working encouraged, they also faced the challenge of ensuring hiring managers were able to attend assessment events.

The Solution

We built, trained, and deployed a team of high-quality assessors
  • We went above and beyond by helping to upskill existing managers
  • Providing a flexible and scalable service, adding assessors when required
  • Running and hosting events on our premises and off-site locations

Reed Talent Solutions is known for its proven capability in delivering assessment centres for high volume hiring and the quality of our assessors. A key principle of our service is to ensure our team reflects the core values of the client, providing branding consistency and unforgettable candidate experience throughout the process.

We created a flexible specialist pool of qualified assessors to cope with the demand. In scoping the project, we assigned a project manager and lead assessor to work with the client to both identify the resource requirements and gain a deep understanding of the current assessment process.

We assembled a team of 12 assessors across two locations, deployed alongside the client’s hiring managers. We shared knowledge and best practice, enabling hiring managers to improve and ultimately help the client make better hiring decisions.

The Results

Reducing the pressure on the client’s hiring managers
  • We interviewed over 250 candidates on behalf of the client
  • Hosted 10 events on our sites when required
  • Adhering to our client’s core values while fulfilling our task

A key principle of our service is to ensure our team reflects the core values of the client, providing consistency throughout the process. We freed up time for hiring managers, while retaining the confidence in their assessment process.

“At first we were unsure about bringing an external resource into our process. However, Reed Talent Solutions have adapted to our values and culture, becoming a valuable extension of the hiring team.” Senior Hiring Lead, Operations.

We have built a great working relationship with the client and continue to support in delivering assessment events.

Managed Service Programmes
Online Banking
  • At short notice, 12 assessors supported 50+ assessment centres
  • Helping the client adapt the process to work virtually during the COVID-19 crisis
  • Flexible solutions to meet increasing hiring demands

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