Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our RPO solutions are designed to revitalise your talent strategy. We use the latest technology and offer unrivalled access to candidates.

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Supporting your talent strategy

Our RPO solutions are designed to address demand and help you meet the recruitment challenges of today:

  • Scalability

    Rapidly scale up your capacity to meet unexpected or fluctuating demands.

  • Access to talent

    Find the best talent in a vast and ever-changing candidate market.

  • Compliance

    Reduce risk through our 24/7 pre-employment vetting service.

  • Cost savings

    Empower better budgetary control and save your organisation money.

  • Access to expertise

    Highly skilled industry experts there to support and deliver at every stage.

  • Employer brand

    Protect and promote your employer brand in challenging times, and ensure your value proposition stands out.

Why choose us?

Today's recruitment challenges are unique and complex, so businesses need bespoke solutions that are fully flexible. Designed to optimise and enhance your existing recruitment strategy, our solutions are built around your requirements. Allowing you to pick exactly what you need, when you need it.

Case studies & insights

Welfare to Work

We are the outsourced recruitment partner for a large public service provider. To deliver the latest DWP Job Entry Targeted Support scheme our client needed to substantially increase headcount rapidly. We swiftly provided a scalable solution to meet this immediate demand.

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Central Government

As the lead recruitment partner, we sourced and deployed 700 laboratory professionals to process swab samples as part of the national fight against Covid-19.

Virtual recruitment

Despite the challenges created by the coronavirus, organisations have also been presented with the opportunity to evolve. Virtual working, and in turn virtual recruitment, presents numerous opportunities for talent acquisition strategies.

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