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Cast your mind back to those halcyon days in February, when everyone was able to travel to offices around the country - would you have imagined the scale of the changes which have taken place? We explore whether whether remote working will become a permanent change in our working lives.

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Learn about how children’s social care is readying itself for moving out of lockdown and the key trends we have seen since COVID-19 hit.

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The world has changed. Of that we can be in no doubt. COVID-19 has unleashed a Pandora’s box of challenges across every aspect of our lives. This includes the world of work - join us as we explore these in the coming weeks and months.

Virtual recruitment

Businesses are having to adapt to the new and unique challenges caused by COVID-19. Recruiters, both in-house and agency, are having to react on-the-fly to these challenges, often by harnessing available technology.

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With over 1 million businesses at risk of going under without financial support, and households trying to manage their outgoings, demands on banks have increased massively. We explore how financial service operations can meet this unprecedented demand.

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The spread of the coronavirus has changed working patterns in the UK and has pushed organisations to put flexible working into practice, not just into job descriptions - but will the UK lockdown lead to permanent change?

Winning talent strategies

We’re working hard to support UK employers through the COVID-19 outbreak. As part of this we have collaborated with the Home Office, DBS, and politicians to develop our new 24/7 Fast-Track Recruitment Service.

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The proposed legislation changes have been delayed until April 2021 as the Government attention shifts to the COVID-19 pandemic. But where does this leave private sector businesses?


Since the EU referendum in 2016, the UK has been preparing for its eventual exit from the European Union. After years of uncertainty, the time has come for central government to review recruitment plans.

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IR35 is fast approaching and if you’re found to be inside the legislation changes, it can feel like a race against the clock to gain compliance. Watch our free webinar to understand your next steps.


IR35 is being rolled out into the private sector from April 2020, but even with the deadline fast approaching there’s still confusion regarding what the changes mean for businesses.

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A review has been launched into the implementation of IR35 legislation in April 2020 - but what do the changes mean and how can businesses ensure they are efficiently prepared?

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